Mind Tha Gap Radio Show 02

Morning bro here is my write up for the blog, I’m about to start sharing the show

What’s up people, it’s that time of the month again when Mind Tha Gap and People Under Pressure Music bring you the best in brand new illest & realest Hip Hop,
First and for most we would like to thank everybody for the amazing response from last months show, much respect to everyone that shared or posted the show for their people to enjoy and spread the word!
we were overwhelmed with all the support we received, proving what we already knew that there are so many like minded people that still have love and passion for this culture we call Hip Hip and are more than interested to hear brand new Joints instead of the same old joints most so called Hip Hop DJ’s play to stay safe ;(
Big respect to our sponsors Aerosoul clothing (www.info@aerosoul.co.uk) and King Of The Beats (www.kingofthebeats.com) make sure you check out their sites!
also Ryan proctor @ old to the new who helped us promote, THANK YOU!
Look out for People Under Pressure Music’s new blog, which will be the go to place for all Hip Hip DJ’s as just like our radio show, you won’t find NO weakness on their only dopeness (see sidebar for direct link)
Again I am very proud of the show and feel it is another BANGER so please feel free to share and spread the word again so we can continue to build!!
Enjoy Mind Tha Gap Radio 02- February 2014 and we will reconnect in 30 days for your next installment, much love and respect
Steven ‘Tha 4orce’ Ellington
Mind Tha Gap Radio. 😉

Mind tha Gap Radio Show returns !!!!

Welcome to mindthagapradio.com, I’m extremely excited and happy to announce that this will be the place I’ll be keeping you up to date on what’s happening for me and Big Aya from People under pressure music, and our new monthly digital show! MIND THA GAP RADIO!

After our sad and unbelievable departure from M-Itch Fm in November, I needed some time to think about how to or even if I wanted to continue on with the show, I needed to focus on my music projects, my family and my studies all at the same time,
And it was all getting very full on and exhausting to do the show once a week especially as M-itch fm never helped us promote or showed any appreciation for what we did EVER!

Pritt Kalsi from King Of The Beats travelled down from Birmingham just to make a video to promote our show online which M-itch had nothing to do with, Big Aya worked very hard promoting us on numerous websites and pages to spread the word all while our show’s listeners & M-itch FM’s numbers went up, and we got no help from them what so ever!

I basically paid subs to them for us to work really hard and compile a dope show that played nothing but the newest illest and realest hip hop for 2013 and beyond! And WE PAID THEM!
So we came to the conclusion that a monthly show would definitely work better, just because of time for me and mainly because there is NO other radio show’s that play dope brand new hip hop anywhere!

Either everyone is stuck in the 90′s, play the weakest 808 driven rap music, Or have been spoon feed for so long that their is no desire to look for or hear new music? And that same old bollox line of people saying their is no good hip hop anymore is crazy as proof is in the pudding with any radio show Mind Tha Gap have done!

So you will be able to check and download our show each month here, post it on your pages share it with whoever you feel will appreciate it, SPREAD THE WORD! and let’s show the world real hip hop is more than alive, British, American and world wide talent represented to the fullest through Mind Tha Gap Radio who are really dedicate to hip hip! Unlike M-itch Fm, who’s slogan should be dedicated to collecting subs and have no idea about hip hop whats so ever!!! LMFAO!!
So welcome, enjoy and let’s go get it!!!!

Yours sincerely,
Steven ‘Tha 4orce’ Ellington
Mind Tha Gap Radio ;)